Pinkjärvi | 5 km



  • lean-to shelters
  • beautiful lake scenery
  • area of restoration of the nature into its natural state


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Day trippers


About 2 to 4 hours according to speed Route marking: The route has been clearly marked with red route markers. The path leading directly to the leanto has been marked in trees with blue markers.

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Pinkjärvi nature protection area offers a perfect setting for relaxation and quiet contemplation and enjoying nature. Along the route, you get to see different species of birds, such as the wren or the woodpecker. Outside the nature path continues one of the most extensive forest and swamp areas in western Finland.

Description of the Route

The hiking path begins at the road Saukonniementie in Eurajoki. The initial part of the path is forest road. Later, the path takes you along easy forest terrain with height differences to some extent. Then, the path leads to the lake shore and runs along the waterfront in beautiful landscape. The first lean-to, Vuotava, is located close to the beach. There is also a ampfire site and an outdoor toilet and a beach so that you can take a dip, if you like. From the lean-to, the path continues towards the beach and Mustalahti lean-to. The path is rocky in some parts and in some places along the route there are duckboards. The lake glints beautifully between the trees as the route continues towards Mustalahti lean-to. The Mustalahti lean-to is smaller than the first lean-to on the route, but there is a campfire and an outdoor toilet. After the second lean-to, the route turns from the lake shore deeper into the forest, where the terrain is rugged. The trail passes through quite dense coniferous forest back to the road that takes you back to the parking area.

Good to Know

• Parts of the area is restoration area where efforts are made to restore old forestry land to the natural state.

• In winter, there are maintained ski trails in the area.

• No garbage should be left in the forest.

• Take water with you as there are no water points in the area.

• Take toilet paper with you.

The Beginning of the Trail

Parking area: From Saukonniementie parking area (Eurajoki) the distance to the lean-to is about a kilometer. Next to the Vuotava lean-to, there is a smaller parking area, from where the distance to the lean-to is approximately 200 meters.

Public transportation: Satakunnan Liikenne Pori-Luvia-Eurajoki-Rauma service takes you to Saukonniemi crossroads, from which walking distance to Pinkjärvi is about 4 km.

By own car: From Eurajoki, drive Highway number 8 in the direction of Pori for about 7.5 kilometers, after which on the right side of the road is signpost Pinkjärv 3.5 km. Turn right to road Saukkoniementie. The road leads to Saukkoniementie parking area.

Photo: Eva-Stina Oikia


Saukonniemi Cottage

Eurajoki Christian Institute


Eurajoki Tourist Information


• Vuotava and Mustanlahti lean-to sheters

• Outdoor toilets

• Campfire sites

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