Merikarvia Highlights – Cycling by water and culture, circle route | 10 km


  • Piinukoski pendant bridge
  • Art Gallery Vanha Savu
  • Church of Merikarvia

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Difficulty level:



Families with children, beginners


Approx. 1-3 hours

Route markings:

The route is marked with blue colorcode.

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The route offers a varied environment for cycling. The Bothnian Sea and the river Merikarvianjoki are located close to the route which enables different activities on the route. While cycling you may also enjoy the cultural offerings and the rural landscape of Merikarvia. Jump on the bicycle and let the route lead you to water and culture.

Route description

The route starts from the Krookka marina (1) that offers a view to the Bothnian Sea National Park. From the marina, the route goes towards the south along a paved road. The route passes the Art Gallery Vanha Savu (3) and the smokehouse (4) and continues twisting through fields and forest landscape to Salmelankoski. The route crosses over the bridge in Salmelankoski and turns left to a gravel road Kuninkaantie. Kuninkaantie is a culturally valuable site, which was named after the visit of King Gustav II Adolf in 1614. There is also a preacher Anna Rogel’s Monument (6) along the route. The route crosses a road and continues along a gravel road towards Piinukoski. At Piinukoski there is lean-to and fireplace with beautiful view over the river. The route crosses over the Piinukoski pendant bridge (7) and goes on a short distance along a sawdust track that changes to a gravel road. The route goes on along the gravel road until it comes to the centre of Merikarvia. Next, the route passes the Dugout House (9), the author Matilda Roslin-Kalliola’s Home Museum (10) and the church of Merikarvia (11) and goes along a cycling lane in the centre and ends in the Krookka marina. Alternatively, the route can be cycled the other way round.

Good to know

Merikarvia municipality has repaired bicycles that can be borrowed from the restaurant Rantahuone located in
the Krookka marina. A deposit is required. In summertime Merikarvia Info is located close to the marina in the Art Gallery Vanha Savu. Geocaching is possible on the route alongside cycling because there are several geocaches along the route. Geocaching is an outdoor activity where the idea is to look for caches that are hidden in the terrain with the help of GPS coordinates and hints. Get to know geocaching: It is good to take your smartphone with you on the route and load a QR Code Reader (freeware). There are QR codes along the route and via them you can listen for example a presentation of Merikarvia and a story in local dialect. Some of the texts behind the QR codes are in English. Along the route there are different activities so it is good to have plenty of time for the route. There are outdoor toilets in the rest places close to the lean-to at Piinukoski. Equipment needed: bicycle (own or loan) and helmet.

Difficulty level

There are small differences in altitude along the route, but the terrain is mainly flat. The route goes along paved and unpaved roads but they are in good shape.

To start the route

Varvintie 7, 29900 Merikarvia

N61° 51.139’ E21° 28.864’

With public transportation: On weekdays there are a few buses between Merikarvia and Pori. The bus terminates in Krookka marina in Merikarvia. There are several express buses on road Valtatie 8 both to south and north. Bus stop is located on front of the Tuorila SEO-service from where it is 8 km to Merikarvia. Further information: and

Photo: Seija Väre

Accommodation close to the route

Mericamping (14)
Palosaarentie 67, 29900 Merikarvia
Tel. +358 (0)400 719 589

Purolomat (5)
Kuninkaantie 11, 29900 Merikarvia
Tel. +358 (0)41 466 6774

Rauhanlaakso Kestikartano (13)
Kivirannantie 2, 29900 Merikarvia
Tel. +358 (0)400 318 398

Vanha-Heikkilän majatalo (8)
Kaasmannintie 14, 29900 Merikarvia
Tel. +358 (0)50 533 7836


Merikarvia municipality
Kauppatie 40, 29900 Merikarvia
Tel. +358 (0)44 724 6333

Tourism Merikarvia
(more accommodation and activities)

Services along the route

Auto- ja pyörähuolto (12)
Car and bicycle maintenance
Keijo Mäkitalo
Tel. +358 (0)400 721 422

Canoe trips, fishing packages, equipment rental
Tel. +358 (0)41 466 6774

Ravintola Rantahuone (2)
Tel. +358 (0)44 273 5300

Maps and guides

Route maps and brochures are available in Merikarvia Tourist Information Office. The route map is also laminated on every rest place (Krookka, Salmelankoski, Piinukoski).