Koskeljärvi nature trail, Eura | 4,5 km



Lake view

Uhrattu campfire site

Pyhäniemi open shed

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Difficulty level:



Beginners and hikers with some experience


2 – 4 hours (back and forth 4-8 hours)

Trail markings:

White marks on trees. The markings lack on the first 2 km.

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The largest cottage free lake in southwest Finland offers a perfect opportunity to hike in the nature, observe and experience the unique silence of the nature and its impact on your well-being, either on your own or with your family.

Trail description

The nature trail in beautiful lake Koskeljärvi landscape is a 4,5-kilometer-long line trail, so the total length is 9 kilometers. The start of the trail is in Uhrattu, on the northeast coast of Koskeljärvi. The first thing you see after starting the hike is a campfire site on your left. The trail markings lack in the beginning of the trail so remember that even though the campfire site is on the left from the parking lot, the actual nature trail goes right from the parking lot. Thus, you can visit the campfire site, but then you have to go back and leave the other way. At first, the trail goes on for 2 kilometers on a gravel road along the coastline. This stretch offers a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful lake view. After the first guidepost, the trail goes on deeper to the forest, and the white markings start. During the hike, you go through both deciduous forest and dry northern forest. In some parts, there are duckboards to make walking easier. At the end of the trail, in Pyhäniemi, there is an open shed, a campfire site and an ecological toilet. You can stay overnight in the open shed, or you can put up your own tent nearby. Pyhäniemi offers a perfect opportunity to enjoy the silent nature, because it is located near the middle part of the lake, which is defined as protected area. This means that most of the sounds you can hear are the sounds of nature. From Pyhäniemi you walk the same way back to Uhrattu. The Koskeljärvi area is part of Natura 2000 nature protection area thanks to its diverse bird population and nature that needs protection. This means that the conservation of this area depends essentially from its protection and treatment. Koskeljärvi is said to be one of our country’s best bird lakes. In Koskeljärvi you can see for example a goldeneye, mallard and diver. Also, all six Finnish woodpecker species nest in Koskeljärvi along with a long-tailed tit and Eurasian pygmy owl. Koskeljärvi area is also valuable because its shores are unbuilt, so it´s cottage-free and it represents a traditional Finnish lake environment with its natural shores.

Difficulty level

The trail is mostly quite easy to walk but there are occasionally roots and rocks on the trail which makes it challenging. There are resting places along the trail. In some parts, there are duckboards to make hiking easier, but you should remember that when it has rained, the duckboards can be very slippery so you have to be careful when walking on them. Equipment recommendation: clothing according to the weather and good footwear. Taking some snacks and water with you is also recommended.

To start the trail

Uhrattu (parking lot)
Uhratuntie, Eura

N60 57.999 | E22 8.9323
With public transportation: Unavailable with public transportation.

Picture: Sonja Rytkönen 2016


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