Koivistonkierros, Jämijärvi, ring trail | 4,5 km



  • Nationally important ridge area with heathland forests
  • Koivistonvati, the biggest suppa depression of the Hämeenkangas area
  • Lush lime forest of Niiniharju


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Difficulty level:

Medium (official rating)


1. Hikers
2. Nature observers
3. Families with children (not wheelchair accessible)


2 – 3 hours

Trail markings:

Hikers with backpacks on blue background. Red square indicating the difficulty level.

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Koivistonkierros trail leads you into the bright forests of Niiniharju ridge and to the impressing suppa depression of Koivistonvati. In the spacious ridge forests dominated by pine and lichen, it is easy to breathe and to relax. In the halfway of the trail, the lean-to shelter of Koivistonvati is an optimal place to take a nice break. Admire the traces of the last Ice Age, listen to the whispering of the trees and enjoy of the surrounding peace.

Trail description

The trail starts at the Niinikota hut which is situated to the southeast of the parking area of the Jämi ski slope. The path to the trail is signposted from the hut. The trail takes you to spacious forests on top of the Niiniharju ridge where it is easy to feel the empowering effect of the nature. The turning point of the trail is situated at Koivistonvati which is an ideal place to light a campfire and take a break. You can also spend the night at Koivistonvati, in a lean-to shelter or at a camping site. Here, you can admire the most important natural sight of the Koivistonkierros trail, the suppa depression of Koivistonvati, which is 200 meters wide and 25 meters deep. Both the suppa depression and the ridges were formed during the last Ice Age. The way back to the Niinikota hut is easy and follows the northern side of the Niiniharju ridge. As the summer proceeds, the trail offers a lot also for those in search of berries and mushrooms. Bird watchers will be delighted by wood larks and European nightjars nesting in the forests of the Hämeenkangas area.

Good to know

Hämeenkangas is a military training and multi-use area, and thus there may be access restrictions for some parts of the region from time to time. In the area, there is a wide network of cross-country skiing tracks, hiking trails and other routes, so it is advisable to take a decent map with you. The starting point of the trail can be found by walking the dirt road passing the Niinimaja building beside the parking area of the ski slope. Along the road, there is a signpost to the Niinikota hut. The campfire sites of the trail are situated at the lean-to shelters of Koivistonvati and Leirikoululaavu, as well as in the Niinikota hut (wheelchair accessible). In the vicinity of Koivistonvati there is a well, a firewood shed and the lean-to shelter of Koivistonharju (wheelchair accessible). By skiing (there is a maintained skiing track), Koivistonvati can be reached more easily. The Koivistonkierros trail is connected with the trails of Harjuluontopolku, Kevytlenkki, Löylylenkki and Pirkan ura. The recommended walking direction of the trail is anticlockwise.a. The recommended walking direction of the trail is anticlockwise.

Difficulty level

Apart from one steep slope, the path is easy to walk. However, the path may become slippery in wet conditions. For this trail, it is advisable to take a good map, clothing according to the weather, good footwear and maybe something to eat and drink.

To start the trail

Niinikota hut (parking: ski slope of Jämi)
N61° 46.233’ E22° 45.036’

With public transportation:
The starting point of the trail is not accessible with public transportation.

Accommodation and services

At the trail you can spend the night at the lean-to shelters of Koivistonvati or Leirikoululaavu or at the camping site of Koivistonvati.

At Jämi you can choose from the following accommodation services:

Hotel Jämi

Hotel Reima Country Center

Apartment Hotel Lumihovi

Cottage accommodation


Tourism pages of Jämijärvi municipality

Region of Satakunta


The services at the trail: Niinikota hut (wheelchair accessible), an ecological toilet, a camping site and lean-to shelter of Koivistonvati (also a well and firewood shed nearby) and the lean-to shelter of Leirikoululaavu.

At Jämi you can find the following services:

Hotel Jämi

Hotel Reima Country Center

Ski tunnel café and Jämi information center

Destination brochure, map and nature information of the Hämeenkangas area:

Hämeenkangas trail map 1:50 000, 2001 (can be purchased from Jämijärvi municipality)