Cycling from the Kokemäenjoki River Delta to the Bothnian Sea, Pori, line route | 31 km


  • Yyteri beach and dunes
  • Bothnian Sea National Park
  • Idyllic village milieu of Reposaari

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Difficulty level:



Experienced cyclists


1-2 days


Bicycle (own or rental) and helmet

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Experience the unique nature of Marine Pori by cycling from the centre of Pori to Reposaari by the Bothnian Sea, following the Kokemäenjoki river delta. On the way you may engage in a variety of activities in Yyteri or relax on the 6 kilometres long sandy beach while Reposaari is an ideal place for calming down near the sea.

Route description

The route starts from the centre of Pori at the Visit Pori office (1). From the centre of Pori, the route goes along a cycling lane to the west following the river Kokemäenjoki delta area, towards Yyteri seaside. There is also a service station (4) right next to the route where you can stop for a break. Yyteri is a versatile tourist resort that is known for its several kilometers long beach. The route continues straight from Yyteri until an intersection where you turn left to road Reposaaren maantie, cycle along the ramp and then continue straight. The route goes across the bay and then continues across the islets and islands. The information centre of Meri-Pori wind farm (7), a great place for a break, is located along the route. Next to the information centre, there is also a bird-watching tower. From Tahkoluoto, the route goes straight along a cycling lane until you reach centre of Reposaari. The church of Reposaari (11), the renovated wartime fort and the restaurants are worth visiting. (10).

Good to know

There is an alternative route marked with blue colour in the map. The route takes you through idyllic Finnish countryside, and it can be reached by turning right to road Kyläsaarentie after Ulasoori. Then, the route passes across Kyläsaari, Enäjärvi and Pihlava. The route continues from Pihlava along the road Kaunismäentie across a
beautiful villa milieu to Yyteri. Along the route, there are two nature trails (Teemuluoto-Halssi and Enäjärvi) that are located in the river Kokemäenjoki delta. In summertime, the return journey can also be made by a riverboat that travels between Pori and Reposaari. Yyteri is an internationally valued nature destination that is worth visiting. The Yyteri area offers different types of activities and, additionally, there are several bird-watching towers and hiking trails, such as Lietteiden reitti and Santojen lenkki. Yyteri is also a great place for relaxing on the beach or in Yyteri Spa. An overnight stay along the route is recommended. Pormestarinluoto residents’ association bicycle workshop rents bicycles.

Difficulty level

The terrain along the route is quite flat and the route goes from the beginning till the end along paved roads and also mostly along cycling lanes. The most challenging section on the route is between Kaanaa and Tahkoluoto because the road is very narrow, and the road has quite a lot of heavy traffic. Therefore, the route is not suitable for families with children.To start the route.

To start the route

Itäpuisto 7, 28100 Pori

N61° 29.132’ E21° 47.770’

With public transportation: Easiest way to get to Poris by bus or train. Local bus stops: At Market Square of Pori (0,2 km away from the starting point of the route). In Reposaari the bus stop is located in Satamapuisto. Further information:,,

Photo: Minna Laine

Accommodation and services

Hostel River

Porin vesibussiristeilyt Oy Cruises

Ravintola Merimesta (12)

Siikaranta Camping (8)
Cottages, caravan and tent sites

Ravintola Reposaari (9)

Yyteri Beach Lomakeskus (3)

Yyteri Hotel and Spa (6)

Yyteri Resort & Camping (5)


Pormestarinluoto residents’ association bicycle workshop
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Tel. +358 (0)2 641 2667 (in finish) (bicycle rent information)

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